Born in Rochester, Michigan, I grew up in Lapeer County and graduated from Imlay City High School. After school, I joined the United States Marine Corps and served four years as a radio operator and cross-trained into computers in an infantry battalion.

When my enlistment ended, I came back home to Lapeer County, where I continue to live and work today. After more than a decade involved in a church and religion, I decided to leave it all behind. I published a book about my experiences. I am much happier today after that experience and living my life in a far better way.

I am an avid fresh coffee and espresso fiend and only drink the stuff I make. I'll drink other people coffee if I know they're into fresh coffee like me. Some other things I like and enjoy learning about are all things technology, especially Linux and FOSS, or free, open-source, software. Free in this context doesn't mean 'no cost,' but rather a freedom from proprietary software.

Music is also a significant interest of mine, and I fancy myself as a bit of an audiophile. I like high-end, quality gear and try to get equipment which fits my budget and provides a high-quality listening experience. I also enjoy collecting CDs and vinyl records.

I'm not very into social media and quite despise most of the platforms out there. I do use Twitter, but I use it more to follow things or people that post interesting things that I can use or learn. Generally, that is stuff about technology, security, and music.