Exclusive Content

10 May 2020

If you're a reader of this blog and would like some additional content from me that won't be found on this website, read on. But don't worry, it won't be behind a paywall, or on Patreon, or some other meme of a bloated site.

That's right, no content will require you to pay for it. Although donations are welcome, but not expected. But you will have to do a little work if you really want to see it. You won't have to get up from your computer either.

The exclusive content is found on my Gopher hole and you can't really get to it from a traditional web browser. What is a Gopher hole you might ask? Well it's the competing protocol to http which both were developed in 1991. Obviously http (aka the web) won out because it's what almost everyone uses. Gopher is all text-based while http is full of pictures and videos. That's why http is more popular; people like bloat.

However, Gopher isn't dead, in fact it is alive and well. People are still posting content to it everyday and you can find content going back to the 1990's and even the 1980's as well. I launched my own Gopher hole last month and mirrored all the content from this blog over to it. Now all 10 years worth of my posts are available on both protocols.

I will tell you that writing posts, or phlog posts, for Gopher is so much simpler and quicker than it is for the bloated web. All you need is a plain text editor and an FTP program as well as a place to upload to. You write your pholg post in plain text and save the file. Heck, it doesn't even need a file extension to work. You can make the files .txt if you like, but that's just extra bloat. You don't need to know any coding like HTML, CSS or Javascript to make it work.

Since writing content for Gopher is so much easier I prefer writing for that more than I do for my blog, which I made as plain and simple as it could ever be. Because of that, I decided that I'll produce some exclusive content for Gopher which will not be mirrored here and only those brave and curious enough to venture away from port 80 (the web) to port 70 (Gopher) will get to read it. That doesn't mean I'm stopping writing for the blog though. I'll keep posting stuff here and on Gopher, but some stuff will be reserved for Gopher only.

So how do you get to Gopher? Well it's really simple and all you need is a terminal or a text-based browser like Lynx to get there. Lynx can open both web and Gopher pages. Once you get into Lynx you can go to this address to find my Gopher hole, gopher:// and that's it. If you're on Linux or BSD there is a dedicated Gopher browser called CGO. It might even work on macOS since it is also a Unix-like system.

There is actually a way to see Gopher content in a web browser and it's a Firefox plugin called OverbiteWX. This addon translates the Gopher protocol in a way that the web browser can read and display it for you. Though it works, it doesn't look or function quite as nicely as using Gopher natively in Lynx or CGO.

That's all you have to do to reach my exclusive content. Good luck and see you on port 70.