Projects or People I Support

On this page is where I list the open-source projects or people/podcasts I support financially with monthly donations. I think it is very important to find projects, people, and artists that you benefit from or enjoy their work and support them as best as you can. These people often put in a lot of work and time and provide it to the world to use and consume. Most of them have day jobs to make ends meet or rely on donations for their work to get by.

These are the projects and people that mean the most to me for what they do and provide that enhances my own life. For their work I greatly appreciate them and want to give back to them what I can afford.


Pi-hole is an open-source project that when deployed, serves as a network-level ad-blocking DNS server. Pi-hole is the best thing to ever happen to the bloated internet and helps people retain some sanity in their online lives. I have over 3 million domains on its blocklist, which blocks ads, crypto miners, web trackers, and so much more.

Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia that I think we all know and love. It is often one of the first places we check when we desire to know some fact or another. Over the years it has amassed an enourmous amount of useful data and it curated and maintained by many people. The non-profit website depends on donations to stay up and running and for the valuable use it brings to the world, it is most worthy of a monthly donation.


Sunday Morning Linux Review (SMLR) is a small group of local to me Linux users who have a weekly podcast. They discuss all things Linux, FOSS, and general tech industry stuff.

Beyond Synth is the most refreshing music podcast on the Internet. The host, Andy Last, covers the synthwave, electronic music, scene, and all the related genres. He features songs from and interviews artists on the podcast and puts on a great show. I always look forward to new episodes which typically get posted on Monday's and the shorter High 5 segment on Fridays.